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Certified surgical gown and PPE.
Water-resistant, lightweight and breathable.
Reusable gown with knitted cuffs. More

Manufacturer: TechnotexRef. No.: XXL-22286Shipping and Payment

Europa surgical gown is a reusable medical protective clothing for hospitals and clinics, of straight cut. The gown is waterproof. It is lightweight and breathable, brings comfort feeling even at high temperature work. Sleeves and collar are made with seamless, elastic cuffs. The elastic cuffs fit snug around your wrist to protect your arms and eliminate the risk of harmful substances entering through the sleeve. The medical gown has permanent antistatic properties (according to standard EN 1149-3). It is certified under EN 13795 (clothing for clean rooms and operating theatres) and EN 14126 Cat. III (protective clothing against biological particles). 

Surgical gown details and specifications:

  • Washable, water-resistant surgical gown with wide overlapping back
  • It is made of quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and protection 
  • Snap buttons on the collar and stable waistband for individual width adjustment 
  • Lightweight and breathable, comfort feeling even during work at high temperature 
  • Guaranteed properties for 75 washing and sterilization cycles
  • Permanent antistatic properties
  • Exceptional comfortability
  • Easy-to-care with an exceptionally long life
  • Barrier against particle penetration, including bacteria and biological particles
  • Cheap and environmentally friendly thanks to the reusability
  • Highly resistant
  • Produced in Europe
  • Washable at a maximum of 60 °C
  • Available in green color and different sizes (collar color according to size)
  • Meets the requirements for medical devices – clothing for clean rooms and operationg theatres according to standard EN 13795
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Single packaged 

The surgical gowns are manufactured from exclusive, high-quality technical fabric by the Spanish company, Technotex®, which has more than 10 years experience with reusable clothing for operating theatres and clean rooms. The fabric is composed of: 99% tetralobular polyester + 1% carbon fiber. The fabric retains its technical properties after 75 washing and sterilization cycles. It is latex-free, hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin.

Technical properties of FANOTEX fabric:

  • Highly waterproof fabric
  • Barrier against the penetration of bacteria and infectious particles
  • Permanent anti-static properties
  • Very comfortable, lightweight and breathable
  • Designed for operating theatres, ICU units and other clean rooms
  • Extremely high durability 

Composition: 99% polyester, 1% carbon fiber

Weight: 125 g/m2

Surgical and protective gown Bata Europa size chart (cm)

Bata Europa Surgical Gowns are certified under UNE EN 13795