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1 membrane/box.
Non-resorbable, high density PTFE membrane.
Easy and atraumatic membrane removal.

Manufacturer: Osteogenics BiomedicalRef. No.: TXT1224-1Shipping and Payment

  • 1 membrane/box
  • Non-resorbable, high density PTFE membrane
  • Easy and atraumatic membrane removal

The non-resorbable high density PTFE membrane Cytoplast™ TXT-200 is mainly used for guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures. It acts as a barrier membrane in the augmented area for a dedicated time. It holds the bone graft (f.e. OssaBase-HA or PORESORB-TCP) in place and prevents the undesired migration of soft tissues into the augmentation area.


  • Non-resorbable high-density PTFE membrane
  • Ideal dental membrane for socket grafting and grafting where primary closure is not possible
  • Porosity of less than 0.3 microns creates impervious barrier to bacteria
  • Use in an open technique results in preservation of soft tissue architecture, preservation of keratinized tissue width, and a non-surgical removal
  • Designed to withstand exposure
  • Soft tissue attaches, but doesn´t grow through the membrane

Often praised for their predictability, Cytoplast™ TXT-200 are manufactured from high-density PTFE, which is engineered to withstand exposure. This key feature, coupled with the Cytoplast™ Technique for grafting extraction sites, offers the ultimate in both predictability and esthetics during dental bone grafting procedures. For this reason, the TXT-200 Singles are very popular membranes for socket grafting. By avoiding releasing incisions and displacement of keratinized tissue often associated with obtaining primary closure in socket grafting, clinicians preserve soft tissue architecture and keratinized tissue.